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Pierce's Pogs will be going on indefinite hiatus from breeding to spend more time with family.  The past 8 yrs have been amazing and we are so grateful to all who have been on this journey with us.  If you are looking for a hedgehog pls contact or ..they are both great breeders.

Effective 3/1/13


Life is better with a hedgehog...(We are USDA Licensed 14-A-0025)We are a small family based breeder  in North Attleboro, Massachusetts specializing in breeding beautiful, healthy, friendly african pygmy hedgehogs.  All our hedgehogs have multigenerational pedigrees, are bred only from the best breeding stock in the country, come with health guarantees, are well socialized and make wonderful pets.  We offer 24 hour a day 7 days a week ongoing support for all of our customers and offer pet sitting services as well. 

 We are easily accessible off of Rte 1 in North Attleboro and also offer pick up/drop off service at the Attleboro Commuter Rail for our customers from the city who do not have vehicles.

 We are a proud member of the Hedgehog Welfare Sociey, Hedgehog World and the North East Hedgehog Club and participate in local hedgehog shows and competitions 

What makes Pierce's Pogs Different?Breeding hedgehogs and fancy rats is NOT my business.  It is my passion...its what I love to do.  Any money that comes in goes back to the animals in the forms of vet care, food, supplies and upgrades to their living conditions.  Thus, we do not use the money made from Pierce's Pogs for our own means.  I have a full time job that I work on weekends to help support my family.  We do not live off the money from Pierce's Pogs.So what does that really mean?  It means, that I dont have a quota of money I must make per month, I dont have to overbreed my animals, my animals want for nothing, the first sniffle or concern they receive immediate healthcare.  It means I am picky who I sell to and I will not compromise my convictions for a sale.  It means I am a small breedery that cares and not a mill.  It means I will not always have babies waiting for homes, you will most likely have to wait.   It means I spend a minimum of 4-6 hours a day working in the critter room (yes they have their own room customized for them, with their own heating system) because I LOVE THEM..not because they make me money. I reject probably 30% of all applications that are submitted.  I will reject an application immediately if the answers to the questions are answered in one or two word responses, are vague, are uneducated or are responded to with "whatever the breeder recommends".  I will only sell to people who are educated on their care and have done their research.  The information regarding hedgehogs and their care is readily available on my website.If that comes across as harsh it is not meant to be but my babies deserve the BEST homes and I wont accept anything less for them.

 I am a mom and a wife who also holds down a full time job, runs her kids to dance class, does homework, arranges playdates, does shopping, cleaning etc so please be understanding when booking an appt with me to come and visit that my availability is limited. I will do my best to accomodate you but my family's needs will take precedence. Thanks for understanding. Please also note that contact forms submitted which contain questions that have been answered in the FAQ section will not be answered.  We are super busy and we keep the FAQ section updated to avoid duplication of efforts.  thanks